The key to growth is investing in yourself. When you take the time to learn something new on the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.


Episode 075: The New E3 Controller For CO2 Applications

Learn about the innovative E3 CO2 controller, navigation tips, alarm setup, troubleshooting, and more.

Episode 074: Why Understanding Refrigeration Piping Design Is Critical

MicroPipe insights with James Bailey at Omega Solutions. Master piping design fundamentals for optimal system troubleshooting.

Episode 073: Tips And Tricks When Working On CO2 Transcritical Systems

Explore the essentials of CO2 training and embrace innovative solutions for component challenges in this must-hear conversation.

Episode 072: Why You Need To Head To Events Like The HVACR Training Symposium

Explore resources such as HVAC School, Ty Branaman, HVACOvertime, and others to boost your expertise.

Episode 071: Top Tips For Learning CO2 Refrigeration

Unlock expert tips on CO2 systems with Shaun Spencer. From safety to superheat, elevate your refrigeration skills globally. Grow in the industry with valuable insights and reliable CO2 information.

Episode 070: Building Your Refrigeration Maintenance and Service Checklist

Optimize your refrigeration systems with expert insights and tips from Jim Bergman. Build a solid maintenance plan for peak efficiency.

Episode 069: How Evapco LMP Designs Their Commercial and Industrial CO2 Racks

Discover servicing tips, innovative designs, and expert insights for optimal performance in commercial and industrial applications.

Episode 068: Getting Youth Into Skilled Trades

Explore the dynamic world of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration, uncovering opportunities for growth and innovation. Your journey into a thriving industry starts here!

Episode 067: Defrosting CO2 Systems Using Reverse Hot Gas Defrost Method with LT Booster Side Heat

Enhance your understanding of subcritical defrost setups in a concise exploration of CO2 technology.

Episode 066: Having the Desire to be a Top Refrigeration Professional

Discover the latest in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration at the 2023 HVACR Symposium. Get your tickets now!

Episode 065: Motivation, Mindset and Mentorship

Dive into a conversation with a wise friend covering communication, motivation, planning, time management and mentorship. Discover valuable insights for personal growth in this enriching exchange.

Episode 064: CO2 Controls with RDM Resource Data Management

Explore communication protocols, the CO2 SuperPAC controller, and the flexibility of RDM's PLC controllers for installs and retrofits.

Episode 063: Working Safe on CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Embrace safety in fieldwork, track the global rise of CO2 refrigeration, and gear up for emerging technologies.

Episode 062: Learning about Net Zero Refrigeration

Learn about the role of Natural Refrigerants like CO2 and sustainable solutions. Gain expert insights from OMEGA Solutions' consultant on organizational growth and environmental responsibility.

Episode 061: Why Refrigeration Business Owners Need To Invest In Their Teams

Cultivate a thriving company culture through targeted training, fostering success in a dynamic market.

Episode 060: 25 hours on CO2 Knowledge in 1 hour

Dive into CO2 innovation with experts like James Bailey and Andre Patenaude every Monday. Explore refrigeration, HVAC, and environmental tech trends on CO2 Mondays show.
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