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Episode 090: The Importance of CO2 Training & Troubleshooting

Explore CO2 terminology, troubleshooting tips, and Heatcraft's training in a discussion with the lead refrigeration trainer.

Episode 089: Troubleshooting Using Compressor Operation Envelopes

Dive into advanced compressor troubleshooting with Copeland expert Petr Chadima.

Episode 088: Testing CO2 Compressors Past Their Limits

Explore the robustness of Dorin CO2 compressors in this eye-opening session led by Giacomo Pisano. Learn about rigorous testing

Episode 087: Part 3 of 3 – Why Compressors Fail

compressor insights with Bob Feathers in the series finale.. Supercharge your HVAC know-how and pinpoint the root causes of compressor failures. Your key to mastering compressor dynamics.

Episode 086: CO2 Training With Advansor

Embark on a CO2 exploration led by Advansor's Mads Jensen. Gain essential safety know-how and master quick compressor replacements in this insightful session.

Episode 085: Generation Z with love2hvac

Explore HVAC trends with Ty Branaman from Love2HVAC in his insightful talk on Generation Z at the HVACR Symposium. Gain expert insights for navigating industry changes and staying ahead.

Episode 084: Part 2 of 3 Semi-Hermetic Compressor Troubleshooting

Explore compressor insights with HVAC expert Bob Feathers. Learn about semi-hermetics, applications, troubleshooting, and more.

Episode 083: Copeland CO2 Stream Compressors and Why Mass Flow Is Important

Join Copeland compressor experts Petr Chadima & Joe Zheng as they unpack the world of CO2 Stream Compressors.

Episode 082: Part 1 of 3 Scroll Compressors

The secrets of compressors in Part 1 of our series with HVAC specialist Bob Feathers. From the history of scrolls to troubleshooting tips, explore the essentials in compressor technology.

Episode 081: Challenges Faced When Installing CO2 Systems

The world of CO2 systems with Govers Koeltechniek. From 4kW to 800kW installations, delve into challenges, R290 and CO2 Secondary.

Episode 080: Why The Conversations Are So Important

Maximize your expertise with Refrigeration Mentor programs.. Discover the next steps in advancing refrigeration skills through meaningful dialogues and mentorship interactions.

Episode 079: CO2 in Cold Storage Applications

CO2 cold storage insights with Grady McAdams, Cold Storage Sales Leader at Heatcraft Refrigeration. Explore applications, system designs, adiabatic coolers, and expert tips.

Episode 078: How To Service A Semi-Hermetic

Expert tips on servicing semi-hermetic compressors in our morning coffee session. Dive into the Bitzer Service guide for essential insights and maintenance know-how.

Episode 077.5: 2023 Planning, Goals and Action

Discover the future of refrigeration in 2023 as I explore the upcoming trends and innovations. Join me in diving into the exciting developments that will shape the world of refrigeration

Episode 077: RTF(CO2)M

Conquer challenges, read manuals. Join me as we quickly navigate CO2 rack manuals, spotlighting key insights from Kysor Warren, System LMP, and Hill Phoenix for efficient learning.

Episode 076: Visualization When Troubleshooting

the root cause of issues as you witness the dynamic behavior of refrigerants, empowering you to diagnose and solve problems with precision.
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