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Episode 106: Live From IIAR with M&M Carnot and Logix Controls

Join industry experts on this CO2 Monday recap for insights into sustainable engineering and operations.

Episode 105: Oil Management w/ Philip Walker Arneg Systems

Gain valuable insights into the nuances of CO2 technology and enhance your understanding of oil management systems.

Episode 104: Learning about Zero Zone CO2 Transcritical Systems

Uncover Transcritical CO2 Racks, Chillers, and Condensing units for advanced sustainable refrigeration solutions.

Episode 103: Integrating CO2 Heat Pumps into Large Facilities w/ Andy Baker

Unlock insightful conversations! From CO2 heat pump integration to clean energy solutions, join us for inspiration and innovation.

Episode 102: How to Select Proper Equipment for Walk in Box w/ Andy Schoen

Explore design temperatures, load requirements, TD significance, and discover valuable tips for customer-centric choices.

Episode 101: The evolution of SCM Frigo S.p.A. CO2 systems with Alessandro Franchin

CO2 journey insights into SCM Frigo's CO2 product lines, and their emphasis on training.

Episode 100: Refrigeration & Heat Pump Compliance Webinar

Gain crucial insights for contractors and end-users, ensuring a unified and informed approach to global regulations.

Episode 099: Controlling CO2 HPV & FGBV with Micro Thermo

Explore Micro Thermo control, electronic valve troubleshooting, and optimized setpoints for CO2 applications.

Episode 098: Servicing Refrigeration Systems w/ HVACR Videos

From service calls to tech excellence, get essential industry insights in this brief yet impactful conversation.

Episode 097: The Rapid Uptake of CO2 in Industrial Applications

From Chillventa insights to ice rink cost savings, delve into the latest in transcritical systems for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Episode 096: Global CO2 Trends

Refrigeration sustainability with Wynand Groenewald, CEO of Future Green Now. Delve into global CO2 trends and glean insights from his 13-year commitment to pioneering eco-friendly solutions worldwide.

Episode 095: The Growth of Transcritical CO2 Chillers

The first CO2 transcritical chiller in North America to overcome challenges, they share insights on stepping outside comfort zones, defying naysayers, and forging strong industry relationships.

Episode 094: Refrigerant Regulations, Trends, and CO2 in North America

Gain insights into Net Zero Goals and Copeland’s groundbreaking CO2 Supermarket Lab – the largest in North America.

Episode 093: CO2 Extraction vs CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 extraction with James Seabrook, CTO of Vitalis Extraction Technologies. Learn the basics, operational steps, and applications of CO2 extraction systems, including plant-based proteins and aerogels.

Episode 092: Troubleshooting Danfoss CO2 Controllers with Chris Brown

Learn about the EKC326a HPV & FGBV Controller, replacements, AK-PC 772a setup, and features of case controllers like AK-CC-550.

Episode 091: Things You Need To Know About Refrigerant Regulations

A2L and A3 charge limits, active monitoring, and safety. Stay ahead on larger charge limits and Refrigerant Detection Systems (RDS).
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