The key to growth is investing in yourself. When you take the time to learn something new on the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.


Episode 122: The Drivers of Change for Zero Emissions with Jim McClendon

Discover his 30-year career shaping refrigeration advancements and leading sustainability efforts.

Episode 121: Transcritical CO2 Systems vs CO2 Secondary System

Join James Bailey, Brian Churchyard, and Nabil Cook as they dissect CO2 Transcritical vs. Secondary Systems.

Episode 120: The Technical Side of CO2 Heat Pumps with Daniel Clark

Learn about CO2 heat pump workings, its role in decarbonization, future retrofits, and efficient system design.

Episode 119: Replacing Semi-Hermetic Parts

Gain valuable knowledge on preventative maintenance to maximize efficiency and longevity, saving you from the need for a premature compressor replacement.

Episode 118: Building Your Own CO2 Artificial Intelligence Troubleshooting Tool For Refrigeration with Nelson Sierra

Experience quick problem resolution with advanced technology.

Episode 117: Why A Cool Compressor Is A Must

Discover advanced cooling methods for refrigerant-cooled compressors. Explore compression ratio, operation limits, and demand cooling with performance charts.

Episode 116: Understanding Danfoss CALM System And How The Injection Algorithms Work For Electronic Expansion Valves

Explore Danfoss CALM for efficient evaporators.

Episode 115: Understanding Compressors: What You Need To Know

Immerse yourself in compressor technology—join us for an insightful session to elevate your expertise!

Episode 114: Energy Consumption Breakdown of CO2 Transcritical Systems w/ Nabil Cook

Explore strategies for refrigeration, heating, and air-conditioning in a 3,000 sq. ft. UK convenience store.

Episode 113: 5 Tips on Developing a Growth Mindset

Practical strategies for setting goals, developing habits, making plans, taking action, and building self-belief. Transform your approach to personal development and success!

Episode 112: Refrigeration Workforce Development and CO2 Training w/NASRC

A world where refrigeration meets sustainability. From battling regulations to funding innovations, NASRC is rewriting the cool code.

Episode 111: What is Bluon w/Jesse Stewart

Embark on a journey of knowledge with Jesse Stewart, Training Director at Bluon, as we unravel the intricacies of his training philosophy and delve into the innovative workings of Bluon.

Episode 110: CO2 Mechanical Capacity Control Compressors w/Matteo Iobbi CTO of Frascold USA

Get tips for longevity, efficiency, and a guided tour of Frascold's CO2 Selection Software for advanced system optimization

Episode 109: Saving End Users $1000’s When Installing BioPipe with Rob Stewart

Cut refrigeration water leaks by 97%, saving thousands. Award-winning, sustainable, and 100% recyclable solution for businesses.

Episode 108: CO2 Refrigeration High-Pressure Copper Fittings with Tal Gutbir

Learn the distinctions between low-pressure refrigerant fittings and those for high-pressure CO2 applications.

Episode 107: Step-by-Step Walkthrough of a Transcritical CO2 Ice Rink Chiller Plant

Explore the rapid cooling capabilities of CO2 and learn how to overcome system issues through expert troubleshooting.
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