The key to growth is investing in yourself. When you take the time to learn something new on the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.


Episode 139 – 7 Tips For Building Good Training And Development Habits

Stay abreast of evolving technology, refine problem-solving prowess, and adapt to industry shifts.

Episode 138: Exploring CO2 Compressor Performance and Reliability Testing with Maurizio Mastrapasqua

Maurizio Mastrapasqua, a seasoned R&D Lab Test Manager, shares invaluable insights into CO2 compressor performance testing.

Episode 137 – Why Practicing Self Discipline Will Be Key To Your Success

Prioritize tasks, create routines, and harness the power of mindfulness to achieve your goals.

Episode 136 – Exploring the Technical Aspects of the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressors with Guest Marcel Nishimori

Delve into technical nuances, control logic mastery, and effective oil management strategies.

Episode 135 – 15 Tips To Become a Great Service Technician

Excel as a service technician: master technical skills, prioritize safety, and deliver exceptional customer service.

Episode 133 – Your Compressor Success Guide

Delves into the intricacies of compressor troubleshooting, covering pressure readings, temperature differentials, and preventive strategies for common mechanical failures.

Episode 132 – Copelands E3 Controller & CC200 Secrets: Unveiling the Top 5 CO2 Tips with Brent Cheshire

Learn real-time applications, graph analysis, and troubleshooting.

Episode 131 – From Curiosity to Expertise: The Journey of Curious HVAC Guy, Bill Russell

Discover the resilience and determination that drove his success, the crucial role of mentors, and insights from influential thought leaders.

Episode 130: Decoding CO2 (R744) Phase Diagrams w/ James Seabrook & Parham Eslami Nejad

Enhance your understanding of refrigeration processes with expert discussions on key takeaways for system optimization and efficiency.

Episode 129: Building Success: Todd Ernest’s Journey from Technician to CEO

Explore a groundbreaking AI technology reshaping refrigeration services. Gain practical tips for career growth and success.

Episode 128 – PX G1300 From Desalination Plants to CO2 Transcritical Refrigeration Systems with Kuo-Chiang Chen from Energy Recovery

Explore its impact on efficiency, cost savings, and emission reduction.

Episode 127: Energy Advancements and Innovations with OMEGA SOLUTIONS

Uncover how CO2 transcritical refrigeration excels in efficiency through heat reclaim, false loads, and parallel compression.

Episode 126: Revolutionizing Industrial Cooling Systems: Unveiling the CO2 HPLD Transcritical Compressor with Jean-Louis Picouet

Discover the breakthrough CO2 HPLD transcritical compressor.

Episode 125: Next Generation Leadership and Management for HVACR Professionals w/ James Bailey

The program covers a wide range of topics, exploring core beliefs, values, motivation strategies, and the importance of brand identity.

Episode 124: CO2 System Oil Management: Insights from Adam Chapman of Westermeyer Industries

Whether a professional or curious listener, gain valuable insights to optimize efficiency and system lifespan.

Episode 123: From Technician to Director: Unleashing Potential with Roman Baugh

This episode is your compass for professional success and the pathway to realizing your ambitions.
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