The key to growth is investing in yourself. When you take the time to learn something new on the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.


Episode 155: 7 Tactics I Use To Become Better

Dive into years of experience and strategic insights, unlocking the keys to elevate your own success journey. Uncover the transformative strategies that have shaped my path to success.

Episode 154: Huge Push Towards Natural Refrigerants: Prepare Yourself Now

Discover the forefront of sustainable cooling with insights on low GWP and natural refrigerants.

Episode 153: 5 Essential Tips for Great Customer Service

Improve communication, professionalism, and customer satisfaction for lasting success.

Episode 152: CO2 Transcritical Ice Rinks w/ Jason Hill

Embark on a green journey with Jason Hill, CIMCO's CO2 startup expert. Delve into the concise world of CO2 refrigeration transforming ice rinks into marvels of eco-friendly efficiency.

Episode 151: 5 Ways to Make More Money as a Service Technician

Unlock greater earning potential in your HVACR career with these proven strategies.

Episode 150: Transctrical CO2 Systems with Vapor Ejectors

Explore CO2 booster systems and Vapor Ejectors for eco-friendly efficiency.

Episode 149: Predictive Maintenance for Plugin Cabinets: A Game-Changer in Refrigeration

SECO and TEKO Experts Unveil Plug-In Cabinet Technology for Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Reliability

Episode 148: Heatwaves and High Efficiency: A Deep Dive into CO2 Transcritical Mastery

Explore Refrigeration Mentor's cutting-edge strategies, from CO2 transcritical systems to PXG1300 tech.

Episode 147: Unlocking Success: 5 Steps to Develop a Growth Mindset

Transform your refrigeration career with a growth mindset. Learn, embrace challenges, seek mentorship, and set goals for success.

Episode 146: CO2 Technical Training with Brett Wetzel

CO2 refrigeration with Trevor Matthews and Brett Wetzel on The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast. Learn valuable training insights, master CO2 skills, and stay ahead in your refrigeration career

Episode 145 – From Small Business to Refrigeration Giant: Adam Knutz’s Journey

Discover the keys to success in refrigeration with Adam Knutz, President of Refrigeration North America at Arcticom Group

Episode 144 – Troubleshooting CO2 High Pressure Valves Using Trend Graphs with the CAREL Boss System

Gain expert insights, practical tips, and real-world examples to enhance your skills. Subscribe for the latest in refrigeration expertise.

Episode 143 – Advanced Compressor Service and Refrigeration Troubleshooting

Mastering Compressor Anatomy: Advanced Service Strategies, Precision Troubleshooting, and Sustainable Practices

Episode 142 – Chilling Innovations Unveiling the Inner Workings of HOWE CO2 Ice Machines

Dive deep into the world of advanced CO2 refrigeration with insights from Howe Corporation experts.

Episode 141: Hanging with Rusty Walker from Hillphoenix

Join our conversation as we delve into the world of CO2 training and development.

Episode 140: CO2 Direct Expansion Ground Source Heat Pump with Parham Eslami Nejad

The efficiency of CO2 ground source heat pumps, their advantages, and the future trends shaping sustainable climate control.
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