The key to growth is investing in yourself. When you take the time to learn something new on the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, you are one step closer to reaching your goals.


Episode 171: Develop a Winning Culture with the Founder of REEBOK Mr. Joe Foster

Learn the essentials of self-belief, work enjoyment, and cultivating a winning culture.

Episode 170: Troubleshooting RDM CO2 Controllers w/Cody Hamm and Chris Prom Resource Data Management RDM

Key guidance for CO2 system and High-Pressure Valve technicians.

Episode 169: Leadership Insights: Work Ethic and Value Creation with Scott Farley of The Arcticom Group

From technician to leadership roles, gain insights into industry dynamics, leadership tips, and the value of diverse experiences.

Episode 168: Conventional to Cutting-Edge: Contractor Essentials When Transitioning To CO2 Transcritical Booster Systems w/ Andre Patenaude Copeland

Navigating the changing landscape of the CO2 revolution.

Episode 167: Why Mentors Play a Key Role in Your Refrigeration Journey with Bill Zoren Key Mechanical

Learn from a first-gen technician's challenges, career insights, and discover the secrets to excelling in refrigeration.

Episode 166: Starting up and Commissioning A Transcritical CO2 Booster System: The Step-by-Step Procedures with Paul Binette from Hillphoenix

Learn sustainability, field startup, safety, and practical solutions.

Episode 165: Keeping Yourself Accountable

Discover key strategies: set SMART goals, prioritize tasks, and foster continuous development. Tune in for actionable insights on your path to success.

Episode 164: Educating a Growing Industry on CO2 Refrigeration with Chris Griffiths

Don't miss their discussion on the future of refrigeration and valuable professional advice.

Episode 163: A Pro’s Handbook for Effective Refrigeration Troubleshooting

Elevate your skills and enhance refrigeration performance with this must-listen resource.

Episode 162: Unveiling Hillphoenix’s CO2 Evolution with Scott Martin

Gain insights into technological advancements and the importance of continuous innovation.

Episode 161 Mastering Customer Communication: Essential Tips for Service Technicians

Maintain a professional and friendly demeanor, answer questions patiently, and express gratitude for their business.

Episode 160: Things to Know When Installing and Servicing CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Discover crucial insights on purity levels, manual guidelines, and the role of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (PIDs).

Episode 159: Building Relationships with Clients, Management and Other Technicians

Strategic advantage of strong professional relationships for career success and overall business effectiveness.

Episode 158: Servicing and Maintaining Industrial CO2 Booster Systems

Navigate challenges, prioritize safety, and catch a glimpse of the future trends shaping industrial refrigeration's sustainable path.

Episode 157: The Evolution of Frascold Compressors’ Interview with CEO Mr Giuseppe Galli

CEO Giuseppe Galli discusses their innovative strides in eco-friendly compressors, shaping the forefront of sustainability in refrigeration.

Episode 156: Secrets to Optimizing CO2 Systems Part 1 w/Resource Data Management RDM

Unlocking CO2 Refrigeration Mastery: Insights from RDM Experts on PR0650-STCO2, Fuzzy Logic, and Advanced Control Techniques
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