From Conventional to Cutting-Edge: Contractor Essentials When Transitioning To CO2 Transcritical Booster Systems w/ Andre Patenaude Copeland

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In this episode of the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, host Trevor Matthews welcomes back industry expert Andre Patenaude from Copeland to delve into the evolving landscape of CO2 transcritical booster systems. The conversation touches upon crucial aspects of stakeholders’ capabilities and experiences in this transition, emphasizing the roles of end-user personnel, consultants, equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, and contractors in installation, startup, commissioning, and maintenance.

Key Discussion Points:

  1. Stakeholders’ Readiness for CO2 Adoption:

    • Examining the capabilities and experiences of various stakeholders.
    • How end-users, OEMs, consultants, and contractors are rising to the challenges posed by increased CO2 adoption.
    • Stress on stakeholders’ bandwidth and the importance of education in building CO2 experience across the industry.
  2. Industry Initiatives and Engagements:

    • Highlighting efforts made by end-users, OEMs, consultants, and contractors in direct engagements.
    • Showcasing participation in industry events such as NASRC Training, Atmosphere, FMI Energy, CARB & Effect, and engagement with government agencies and regulatory bodies.
  3. CO2 System Architecture:

    • Evaluating the base CO2 systems against traditional DX refrigeration systems.
    • Referencing Copeland’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) study.
    • Exploring advanced features that enhance CO2 system performance, including adiabatic gas coolers, parallel compression, MT low superheat, mechanical subcooling, and ejectors.
  4. CO2 Installation & Startup:

    • Stressing the critical nature of proper installation and startup procedures.
    • Sharing examples where improper startup had consequences.
    • Introducing Copeland’s CO2 Startup & Commissioning services group.
    • Discussing Copeland’s involvement in installations where contractors had their first experience with CO2 systems.
  5. CO2 Operation and System Health:

    • Recognizing the impact of increased electronic controls on visibility.
    • Introducing the concept of leveraging data analytics in refrigeration.
    • Highlighting Copeland’s development of CO2 system health scores through data from enterprise systems.
    • Exploring how this proactive approach aids in the identification of systems not running optimally.

This episode provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by CO2 transcritical booster systems, offering a comprehensive guide for stakeholders navigating the CO2 revolution.


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