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In Episode 152 of The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast, we take an exciting journey into the world of CO2 transcritical ice rinks. Our guest, Jason Hill, a seasoned CO2 startup and commissioning technician from CIMCO, guides us through the fascinating realm of CO2 refrigeration technology that’s transforming ice rinks into eco-friendly, energy-efficient wonders.

CO2 transcritical ice rinks have been gaining traction in the refrigeration industry due to their impressive energy efficiency and fantastic Ice temperatures. In this episode, Jason provides an insider’s perspective on the startup and commissioning process for these innovative systems.

We dive deep into the key steps involved, from the meticulous system inspection to pressure testing, charging CO2, and the vital programming and control system setup. Jason shares practical insights, tips, and the importance of safety measures when dealing with high-pressure CO2 systems.

Whether you’re a refrigeration professional, ice rink enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of cooling technology, this episode offers valuable knowledge and firsthand experiences. Join us as we explore the cool side of refrigeration with Jason Hill on The Refrigeration Mentor Podcast!

Tune in now to discover how CO2 transcritical ice rinks are changing the game and learn from an expert who’s been at the forefront of this exciting development.

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