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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast. Our host Trevor Matthews, an expert in the field of refrigeration and HVAC will be diving into Cutting-Edge of Warm Ambient Strategies. Here are the topics we dive into:

Understanding CO2 Transcritical Systems

  • Trevor provides an overview of CO2 transcritical systems and why they are gaining popularity in the HVACR industry.
  • He explains the environmental benefits and energy efficiency of using CO2 as a refrigerant.
  • Check out CO2 Booster Basics –  

Adiabatic Gas Cooler and Condenser

  • Trevor discusses the importance of adiabatic gas coolers and condensers in CO2 transcritical systems.
  • He explains how they optimize heat rejection and increase system efficiency in warm ambient conditions.

Parallel Compression for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Trevor dives into the concept of parallel compression and its role in boosting system efficiency.
  • He shares real-world examples of how parallel compression can reduce energy consumption.
  • Check out a Video on Parallel Compression –

High Pressure and Low Pressure Ejectors

  • Trevor explores the use of high-pressure and low-pressure ejectors in transcritical CO2 systems.
  • He highlights their contributions to efficiency improvements and system performance.
  • Check out a Video on Ejectors –

PXG1300 Technology

  • Trevor introduces the PXG1300, a cutting-edge component in CO2 transcritical systems. The will help reduce the amount of compressor on the system.
  • He explains its advanced control and optimization capabilities, and how it’s changing system design and operation.
  • Check out a Video on PXG1300 –

Mechanical Subcooling for Better Efficiency

  • Trevor discusses the significance of mechanical subcooling and how it enhances system efficiency.
  • He talks about its role in preventing system failures and ensuring consistent performance.
  • Check out this video on Mechanical Subcooling –

Flooded Evaporator Technologies 

  • Trevor explains the use of flooded evaporators, including both FTE and ETE technologies.
  • He breaks down their efficiency metrics and how they impact system performance.
  • Check out a video on FTE & ETE Technology –

Real-World Applications and Case Studies

  • Trevor shares some real-world examples and case studies where these CO2 transcritical strategies have been successfully implemented.

Future Trends and Innovations

  • Trevor speculates on the future of CO2 transcritical systems and what innovations we can expect to see in the coming years.
  • He emphasizes the importance of staying updated in this rapidly evolving field.


  • Trevor wraps up the episode by summarizing the key takeaways from the discussion.
  • He encourages listeners to explore these strategies further and stay curious about advancements in refrigeration and HVACR technology.


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