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Join us for an enlightening and chilling conversation on the “Refrigeration Mentor Podcast” as we sit down with Adam Knutz, the President of Refrigeration North America at the Arcticom Group. In this episode, Adam takes us on a journey from his humble beginnings in a small family business of 10-15 employees to his current leadership role, overseeing a workforce of over 1500 people.

Discover the key role company culture plays in the success of Arcticom and how fostering a positive work environment has been instrumental in their growth. Adam shares his insights on the importance of partnering with industry experts like Refrigeration Mentor for CO2 training and keeping up with the ever-exciting changes in the refrigeration field.

Learn why surrounding yourself with a great team is crucial in achieving professional and personal success, and how Adam’s commitment to reading and exercising has contributed to his leadership journey. Building relationships takes center stage as Adam emphasizes the significance of nurturing connections in both business and life.

Dive deep into Arcticom’s commitment to training and development, gaining valuable insights into why investing in their teams through continuous learning is a cornerstone of their success. Discover why intentionally listening to others is a skill that can transform your career and personal life.

Tune in to the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast for a captivating conversation that highlights the importance of company culture, personal growth, and teamwork in the refrigeration industry, with Adam Knutz as your guide.

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