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Today we’re diving deep into the world of cutting-edge CO2 refrigeration technology. We unveil the inner workings of HOWE CO2 Ice Machines. Join me as I chat with Larry Rich and Alexandra Pawlikowski from the Howe Corporation

Topics we discussed:

Howe CO2 Ice Machines

  • Our journey begins with an exploration of the captivating world of CO2 ice machines, with a particular focus on the RL & RLE models. We’ll use visual aids, including slides, to provide a comprehensive understanding of how these machines operate.

Liquid Overfeed & DX

  • We’ll take a deep dive into the innovative liquid overfeed system and direct expansion (DX) technology employed in CO2 ice machines. Visual support, including system diagrams and slides, will help demystify these processes.

Ice Machine Cutaway

  • Have you ever wondered what’s happening inside an ice machine? We’ll satisfy your curiosity with an exclusive cutaway view that unveils the intricate mechanics at work.

Operation of the Machine

  • Learning to operate CO2 ice machines effectively is crucial. We’ll cover the proper superheat and pressure settings while showcasing the control box and Kelvin controls for optimal performance.


  • In this segment, we’ll address the inevitable challenges that come with any system. Join us as we guide you through common troubleshooting scenarios, including water side issues and motor overload. Our practical demonstrations will feature the use of the control box and Kelvin controls to illustrate effective solutions.

Open Sensor -AL- and PID Control Scheme

  • Delve into the significance of open sensors and the PID control scheme, vital components in managing CO2 dynamics. We’ll provide a close-up look at valves (EEV & EEPR) and effective troubleshooting techniques.

New Remote CO2 Condensing Unit

  • Step into the future of refrigeration as we showcase the remote CO2 condensing unit. We’ll explore its system diagram, with a particular focus on the parallel booster design and the innovative features that make it a game-changer.

Design Features

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the design features that make CO2 ice machines efficient and reliable. We’ll discuss variable speed rotary compressors, bypass valves, DC crankcase heaters, coil interstage desuperheaters, and more.

Oil Return Feature and Liquid to Suction BPHX

  • Learn about essential features such as the oil return system and the role of liquid to suction brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHX) in maintaining peak performance. 


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