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Welcome to another episode of the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast! Today we have a special guest joining us, Marcel Nishimori from Carel, an industry expert with a wealth of knowledge in refrigeration technology. We discuss many great topics.

Understanding the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor

  • Overview of the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor and its significance in the refrigeration industry.
  • Discussion on the differentiating features of the CO2 compressor compared to other technologies.

Exploring Technical Differences and Innovations

  • Delving into the technical distinctions between the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor and traditional compressor technologies.
  • How the compressor’s design contributes to enhanced efficiency and performance.
  • Exploring the integration of frequency inverters in the CO2 compressor system and its impact on energy consumption.

Control Logic and Operation Envelope

  • Breaking down the control logic implemented by Carel for the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor.
  • Understanding the concept of operation envelope control and its significance in maintaining optimal performance.
  • Marcel Nishimori’s insights on how this control logic differs from conventional systems and its benefits.

Oil Management and Lubrication

  • In-depth discussion on the unique challenges and strategies for oil management in CO2 compressor systems.
  • Exploring the role of lubrication in maintaining compressor efficiency and longevity.
  • Marcel Nishimori’s experiences and recommendations for effective oil management techniques.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

  • Addressing potential technical challenges associated with the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor.
  • How the industry is adapting to and mitigating these challenges.
  • Marcel Nishimori’s tips for technicians and engineers working with CO2 compressor technology.

Future Prospects and Closing Thoughts

  • Sharing insights into the future of CO2 compressor technology and potential advancements.
  • Marcel Nishimori’s closing thoughts on the significance of ongoing research and development in the refrigeration field.


  • A big thank you to our guest, Marcel Nishimori, for sharing his expertise and insights on the technical aspects of the Toshiba Twin Rotary CO2 Compressor.
  • Remember to subscribe to the Refrigeration Mentor Podcast for more informative episodes on the latest advancements in the refrigeration industry.
  • Stay tuned for our next episode where we continue to explore new horizons in refrigeration technology.

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