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In this episode, we chat with James Seabrook and Parham Eslami Nejad where they dive into the fascinating world of CO2 phase diagrams, pressure-temperature charts, and the critical point. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind these essential concepts and explore how they impact refrigeration processes. 

Understanding CO2 Phase Diagrams:

  • James and Parham start the episode by explaining the significance of CO2 phase diagrams in refrigeration systems.
  • They break down the basics of phase diagrams, illustrating how they represent the various states of CO2 at different combinations of pressure and temperature.

Pressure-Temperature Charts:

  • We discuss the practicality and importance of pressure-temperature charts for refrigeration engineers and technicians.
  • Listeners gain insights into how to interpret these charts and how they assist in system troubleshooting and optimization.

Purity of CO2 and Its Effects:

  • James and Parham delve into the role of CO2 purity in refrigeration applications and its direct impact on system performance.
  • They highlight common impurities and discuss best practices to maintain high purity levels for optimal efficiency.

Supercritical Phase of CO2:

  • The podcast explores the supercritical phase of CO2 – a state that exhibits unique properties, neither fully gas nor liquid.
  • Listeners learn about the potential advantages of utilizing the supercritical phase in specific refrigeration processes.

The Critical Point Demystified:

  • James and Parham demystify the critical point of CO2 and why it is of utmost importance in refrigeration technology.
  • They shed light on the critical temperature and pressure values, explaining what happens at this crucial stage.

Key Takeaways:

  • CO2 phase diagrams provide valuable information about the state of CO2 at different pressure and temperature conditions.
  • Pressure-temperature charts are essential tools for refrigeration professionals, aiding in troubleshooting and system optimization.
  • Maintaining high purity levels of CO2 is vital for efficient refrigeration operations.
  • The supercritical phase of CO2 offers unique opportunities for specific refrigeration applications.
  • Understanding the critical point of CO2 is crucial for designing and operating refrigeration systems effectively.


In this enlightening episode we take listeners on a journey through CO2 phase diagrams, pressure-temperature charts, and the significance of purity and critical points. By the end of the episode, you’ll have a deeper understanding of these concepts and how they shape the world of refrigeration.

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