Refrigeration & Heat Pump Compliance Webinar

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Refrigerant Compliance is a huge topic for anyone in the refrigeration industry and it doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or end user we all need to be on the same page.  There are so many different policies and regulations in different parts of the world it’s really hard to keep track.  In this webinar, we had a huge lineup of the top experts on refrigeration compliance from around the world. 

The Panel:

  • Graeme Fox – Technician Director of BESA/President of the IOR

    * John Bradshaw/Coop – Head of Engineering for the Cooperative Group

    * Randy Johnson – Sr Manager for Compliance Walmart

    * Kevin Glass – Bitzer Managing Director Bitzer UK

    * Brian Churchyard – Omega Solutions Managing director

    * Nabil Cook – Technical Director at Omega Solutions

It was amazing to be part of this knowledge session with these experts.


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