No More White Slime w/Rob Stewart from BioPipe

Lets Get Conversation Going

I had the pleasure to hang out with Robert Steward from BioPipe. Rob is a technician who has become a successful entrepreneur with BioPipe. This product was the Winner of the Refrigeration Product of the Year and was also Highly Commended within the Innovation of the Year in the 2021 RAC Cooling Awards.

Topics we discuss were:

BioPipe is a drainage system for refrigeration and A/C applications.

How BioPipe is Proven to Reduce Water Leaks by 97% or Higher

Discuss the ROI of less than 1 Year, with Total Cost Of Ownership significantly less than a Standard Drainage System

Learn about Green Sustainable Procurement supports the commitments of Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Policies.

Talk about how to keep Operational/Maintenance Cost down with savings of up to 88% can be sensibly realised and achieved.

How BioPipe is 94% Cheaper than other Drain Blocking Solutions over a 10Year Life Cycle.

Learn more about BioPipe by heading to https://www.biopipe.uk/


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