My courses

Refrigeration Mentor Learning Programs

We teach beginner to advanced technical skills and soft skills with an experiential learning atmosphere to help refrigeration professionals enhance their refrigeration abilities.

These interactive training courses include on the job assignments, team building and tasks to solidify the content in real world situations.

These technical and professional development programs are instructor-led courses designed to build leaders inside your organization.  Each program is tailored and customized for your business needs and are created to teach each refrigeration professional to think on their feet, increase their confidence and help them become more efficient for your business.

Customized Learning Programs

From leadership programs to full technical courses we customize learning programs for  businesses in the refrigeration industry. 

When your team has the knowledge, skills, and technical abilities, they are more efficient and confident. They complete tasks quicker and build better relationships with customers. 

CO2 Learning Program

The CO2 Refrigeration learning program is designed for organizations who need to get their team up to speed on CO2 (R-744) refrigeration.  We designed this program to quickly improve the skills and confidence of your team members so they want to be the one’s who take service calls on transcritical CO2 systems. 

Supermarket Learning Program

The Supermarket Learning Program is a continuing education program. It was designed to grow professionals knowledge and skills when installing, servicing and troubleshooting different commercial refrigeration systems. This program will help reduce costly call backs, increase your customer satisfaction and build confidence and culture within your organization.

Compressor Masterclass

The Compressor Masterclass program will improve the knowledge, competency and confidence of your team members who work on Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration systems.  Organizations who enroll in this learning program will have the tools, skills and resources to figure out and find the root causes of an issue and how to resolve them fast and effectively.  


The fastest way to get yourself or your team to the next level in their lives and careers is through 1 on 1 coaching or group coaching.  I have many years of experience with coaching and mentoring and I would love to see if we would be a good fit to work together. 


people who experienced

I enjoyed and really liked Trevor’s interactive teaching, always getting the class involved and always so enthusiastic! I’ve already had coworkers come up to me and ask me how to check net oil pressure or how to check for blow by and I’ve told them with absolute confidence how to check each.

Jetzael Munoz

The interaction from fellow technicians during the course giving some of their onsite experiences. Along with Trevor’s detailed answers on what we should look for while doing pms before the failure occurs. Trevor explained the use of the many resources out there and took the time to explain in great detail. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Ben Klesta

What a really like about this program was the depth of knowledge that was presented to the class. This information was spread across multiple brands and covered various compressor sizes and applications that we would see in the field. Hands down best refrigeration class I’ve ever been to, I recommend going through this program at least once a year to stay fresh on the topics at hand.

Bill Russell

In the program there was people from different parts of North America – USA/Canada with different experiences and backgrounds that brought a blend of educational and interesting observations through out the course.

Frank Parise