Compressor Masterclass

Compressor Masterclass

About Course

Refrigeration Compressor Masterclass provides a comprehensive exploration of refrigeration compressors and their practical applications, covering topics such as refrigeration compressor types, design, function, and performance analysis. It also includes instruction on installation, servicing, troubleshooting, and safety practices, alongside fundamental refrigeration concepts, electrical troubleshooting, and proper piping techniques. The program concludes with in-depth refrigeration compressor troubleshooting scenarios, leading to certification. Tailored for individuals seeking to excel in the field, this masterclass empowers you to confidently install, service, and troubleshoot semi-hermetic or scroll compressors, positioning you as a proficient professional in commercial refrigeration systems, all underscored by a certification.

Any technician who has completed this learning program will have the tools and resources to figure out most issues and how to resolve them fast and effectively.  

Refrigeration Compressor Certification

this Program Includes

Learning modules will consist of 3 major activities with measurable goals to keep you on track:


Understanding Compressors and How They Function
• Introduction to semi-hermetic and scroll compressors.
Design and construction
• Understand their functions and how they work.
• Understand Compression Ratio (CR), what effect it has on the systems
• Learn about compressor performance charts.

Installing, Servicing and Troubleshooting Compressors
Discuss how to properly install, service and troubleshoot these compressors
• Learn how to find the specific manufacturers guides for each type of compressor
• Learn how to find the answers you are looking for faster
• Understanding compressor operation envelopes

Capacity Controlled Compressors
Understand how unloading compressors work and function
• What are tandems and trios and how to properly service them
• Why digital compressors are used
• Understand how digital compressors work and function
• Learn how to service and troubleshoot when there is an issue

Basic Refrigeration and Fundamentals 
How refrigeration works
• Basic components of a refrigeration system
• Compressor, condenser, metering device and evaporator overview 
• Review on pressure enthalpy diagram

Applying Safety and Handling Practices 
Refrigeration hazards & safety considerations
• Personal safety and safety equipment (PPE)
• Pressure-temperature relationship

Piping Practices
Proper brazing practices for piping, components, and compressors
• Best piping practices
• Sloping, traps & inverted traps
• Properly insulating pipes
• How to support piping

Electrical Troubleshooting
Basic electrical troubleshooting
• How to read wiring diagrams
• Verifying compressor wiring & contactor sizing
• Electrical troubleshooting from a wiring diagram
• Electrical safety procedures

Pressure Test & Evacuation Procedure
Proper pressure test procedures
• Testing vacuum pump and oil changes
• System and circuit evacuation 
• How to perform a triple evacuation

Troubleshooting Compressors
Compressor not running
• Compressor starts but trips
• Compressor short cycling
• Compressor noisy or vibrating
• Compressor failure 


people who experienced

I enjoyed and really liked Trevor’s interactive teaching, always getting the class involved and always so enthusiastic! I’ve already had coworkers come up to me and ask me how to check net oil pressure or how to check for blow by and I’ve told them with absolute confidence how to check each.

Jetzael Munoz

The interaction from fellow technicians during the course giving some of their onsite experiences. Along with Trevor’s detailed answers on what we should look for while doing pms before the failure occurs. Trevor explained the use of the many resources out there and took the time to explain in great detail. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Ben Klesta

What a really like about this program was the depth of knowledge that was presented to the class. This information was spread across multiple brands and covered various compressor sizes and applications that we would see in the field. Hands down best refrigeration class I’ve ever been to, I recommend going through this program at least once a year to stay fresh on the topics at hand.

Bill Russell

In the program there was people from different parts of North America – USA/Canada with different experiences and backgrounds that brought a blend of educational and interesting observations through out the course.

Frank Parise

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