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About Refrigeration Mentor

Trevor Matthews has evolved from a pioneering technician to a globally recognized authority in commercial refrigeration and compressor systems. Trevor continues to add to his 18 years of industry experience that includes both hands-on work and educating thousands of refrigeration professionals across North America.

Trevor Matthews
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About Me

Trevor Matthews

I am Trevor Matthews. I have made quite the journey from my humble beginnings as a first-generation technician to attaining recognition as a world-class expert in commercial refrigeration and compressor systems.

Over the course of the last 18 years, I’ve honed my skills in the refrigeration industry through networking and learning from industry leaders. 

My experience ranges from working as a technician, where I installed, commissioned, and serviced supermarket racks and commercial refrigeration systems… To training thousands of refrigeration and HVACR technicians, managers, and business owners across North America.

The reason I established Refrigeration Mentor is because I observed a significant gap in the refrigeration industry, specifically in the areas of training, education, and mentorship. My background as a hands-on technician provides a distinctive perspective as an educator and trainer. I’m adept at facilitating engaging discussions among technicians on refrigeration because I’ve been in their shoes, experiencing the field firsthand.

My passion lies in the realm of refrigeration. My aim is to help bridge the knowledge gaps and share the insights I’ve gained, spanning from the fundamental building blocks to advanced technologies in refrigeration.

What Refrigeration Mentor Offers

Learning Programs

Customized to meet the specific needs of each contractor, business, or corporate team.

Advanced Training Courses

Advanced technical training in the Refrigeration and HVAC industry.

Live Trainings & Webinars

Featured podcasts with leading experts, informative YouTube videos, and motivational social media.

Coaching & Mentoring

Select coaching opportunities and hyper-beneficial 1-on-1 learning environment.

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