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A little about Refrigeration Mentor

Training. Education. Mentorship.

About Me

Trevor Matthews

I am Trevor Matthews and I have gone from being a first generation technician on the tools, to being considered a world class commercial refrigeration and compressor subject matter expert. 

Over the last 18 years, I’ve developed my skills by networking and learning from the best in the industry. From working as a technician installing, commissioning, and servicing supermarket racks and commercial refrigeration systems to training thousands of technicians, managers, and business owners throughout North America.  

I founded Refrigeration Mentor because I saw a need in the refrigeration industry around three pillars: training, education, and mentorship.  Having on the tools experience gives me a unique perspective as an educator and trainer.  I am able to facilitate engaging discussions between technicians about refrigeration because I have been there, and I know what it’s really like in the field.   

I am passionate about refrigeration.  I want to help fill these knowledge gaps, and share what I have learned from foundation blocks to advanced technologies in refrigeration. 

Let’s get a conversation going.

What Refrigeration Mentor does

Learning Programs

Customized to meet the specific needs of each contractor, business, or corporate team.

Advanced Training Courses

Advanced technical training in the Refrigeration and HVAC industry.

Live Trainings & Webinars

Featured podcasts with leading experts, informative YouTube videos, and motivational social media.

Coaching & Mentoring

Select coaching opportunities.

What makes our programs different

Refrigeration Mentor trainings offer advanced technical skills.  We know that success is not built on technical skills alone, the courses also focus on:

Refrigertation Mentor aims to increase the knowledge and confidence within the industry across the globe.

You Tube

CO2 Mondays with Trevor

High Pressure and Low Pressure Ejectors

  • Danfoss High Pressure and Low Pressure Ejectors
  • High Pressure Valves (HPV)
  • Flash Gas Bypass Valve


Transcritical CO2
Flash Tank Stability

  • Designing CO2 systems for mixed use commercial buildings
  • What you need to understand about the HPV when ambient is below -30F

Two Stage Transcritical CO2 Compressor

  • How to use a Daniel Chart for CO2 & POE 85
  • Compressor Superheat depends on many factors