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Commercial Refrigeration Technical Training

Discover the art of tailored Refrigeration and HVACR training solutions, packages, and curricula, meticulously crafted for contractors and refrigeration professionals. Our range of Commercial Refrigeration Training Courses promises an all-encompassing, a learning experience that will pave your way to excellence in the refrigeration industry, including mastering the commercial refrigeration. Enrol in our acclaimed Commercial Refrigeration Training Courses today and propel your career to new heights!

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Refrigeration Mentor Programs

These learning program are designed for refrigeration contractors who want to build leaders in their company.
Compressor Masterclass Refrigeration Training Courses
Compressor Masterclass

Master compressor operation and maintenance through our expert-led training. Optimize performance, minimize downtime, and extend compressor lifespan.

Supermarket Refrigeration Training Courses
Supermarket Learning Program

Supercharge your career with our specialized supermarket refrigeration training to excel in the industry. Master system issue resolution and boost your expertise.

CO2 Refrigeration Training Courses
CO2 Refrigeration Learning Program

Strengthen your team's confidence in handling CO2 refrigeration systems. Enroll in our CO2 Refrigeration training course to develop competence.


people who experienced

I enjoyed and really liked Trevor’s interactive teaching, always getting the class involved and always so enthusiastic! I’ve already had coworkers come up to me and ask me how to check net oil pressure or how to check for blow by and I’ve told them with absolute confidence how to check each.

Jetzael Munoz

The interaction from fellow technicians during the course giving some of their onsite experiences. Along with Trevor’s detailed answers on what we should look for while doing pms before the failure occurs. Trevor explained the use of the many resources out there and took the time to explain in great detail. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Ben Klesta

What a really like about this program was the depth of knowledge that was presented to the class. This information was spread across multiple brands and covered various compressor sizes and applications that we would see in the field. Hands down best refrigeration class I’ve ever been to, I recommend going through this program at least once a year to stay fresh on the topics at hand.

Bill Russell

In the program there was people from different parts of North America – USA/Canada with different experiences and backgrounds that brought a blend of educational and interesting observations through out the course.

Frank Parise

About Us

About Refrigeration Mentor

Trevor Matthews Refrigeration Mentor

I believe the way to develop the refrigeration sector is through training, education and mentorship. The first two pillars are all about sharing information, offering advice, support, and direction to aid in the development of anyone working in refrigeration. Mentorship is all about exchanging knowledge and experiences to help refrigeration professionals, contractors and other stakeholders grow.

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I’ve spent years designing and creating a variety of programs that are focused on the needs of contractors, such as inspiring team members, boosting their self-assurance when speaking with consumers, and empowering them to locate solutions to challenging situations on their own.  


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Free Service Guide

This Guide will unlock the potential of your skills with our comprehensive guide designed to empower technicians like you to excel in working with compressors.

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Refrigeration Mentor Podcast

This podcast is all about training, education and mentorship for commercial refrigeration and HVAC professionals.

My goal is to help you develop your knowledge and skills, to master the art of refrigeration. I will have expert guests from around the world joining us. We will have different conversations on technical topic’s like system troubleshooting, supermarket refrigeration and CO2 refrigeration.

Featuring technicians and engineers to manufacturers and many other industry experts join in to share their knowledge and wisdom. I will have conversations about mental health, mindset, and personal and professional development.

My goal is to help you become 1% better than yesterday. Let’s get a conversation going!

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