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Commercial Refrigeration Technical Training

Our commercial refrigeration training courses provide an all-encompassing learning experience that will propel your career in the refrigeration industry to new heights.

Master your skills in subjects like supermarket refrigeration, CO2 refrigeration and enrol in our acclaimed commercial refrigeration training courses today!

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Refrigeration Mentor provides refrigeration, CO2 and HVACR training courses, content and solutions that are crafted for contractors and refrigeration professionals like you. Watch the video below to learn about us and our mission to help you advance in your refrigeration or HVACR career.

Training Courses

Refrigeration Mentor Training Courses

Compressor Masterclass Program

Master compressor operation and maintenance through our expert-led training. Optimize performance, minimize downtime & extend compressor lifespan.

Supermarket Learning Program

Supercharge your career with our supermarket refrigeration training to excel in the industry. Master system issue resolution and boost your expertise.

CO2 Refrigeration Learning Program

Strengthen your team's confidence in handling CO2 refrigeration systems. Enrol in our CO2 Refrigeration training course to develop competence.

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Refrigeration Mentor Podcast

This podcast is all about training, education and mentorship for commercial refrigeration and HVAC professionals. 

Episodes feature experts from around the world and discuss different technical topics like system troubleshooting, supermarket refrigeration and CO2 refrigeration.

The newest episode is displayed above. To catch up on past episodes, find us on your favourite podcast platform.